Flyff Legacy retains the original concept of 90s classic games and fits perfectly into a mobile game

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For seasoned gamers, they should be familiar with the name Flyff Online, which is a very popular online MMORPG game. And currently the game is still available by the company INI3 and of course, in the age of smartphones. The game has to be made into some mobile phones. And now the game has been launched on the Thai store already. But the game is an English version. which we will review together

Flyff Legacy combines the charming anime style and social aspects of the original PC MMORPG Flyff Online (Fly For Fun) with new graphics and gameplay that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike.

For those of you who have played Flyff in the PC version before, they should be able to understand the system and the approach of the game. The game will focus on freedom, players will be able to go out to level up with any monster as long as they can fight. Not limited to doing quests alone, the quest system is more like a subsystem instead. Don’t worry about it, it’s all about changing jobs or opening some dungeons.

But when it comes to the mobile version, the approach has changed. The game will force players to do quests, running in circles, trying to make it more mobile. Instead, I see that it has changed a lot, the charm it used to be lost. For example, RO Mobile, even though the game has been made into a mobile phone, but still has the same approach, it’s the charm of the game that has it all.

Flyff Legacy Key Features:

Three Classes – choose to play as a Mercenary, Magician, or Acrobat, each with unique abilities and skills.
Rebirth – use a reincarnation system that level breaks characters.
Dungeons – take on different dungeons to acquire rare loot and experience.
Walk, Ride, or Fly – travel by foot, mount, or simply fly on a broomstick to explore the game world.
Guilds and PvP – join a guild to make new friends and fight in various PvP modes.

This game surprised me. It’s pretty fun. Love that it’s open world and whatever you equip actually shows on your character. It would be nice if later they find a way to let us have the gender we want. That would really fix one big issue with the game. Maybe even add a magic forge to change normal equipment to green name equipment. That would be a good addition. I was also thinking if you change it so that joining up in a party automatically uses that new member’s buff. I think people would party up more. Half the time people don’t use their buff.

All in all, Flyff Legacy retains the original concept of 90s classic games and fits perfectly into a mobile game. And outstanding for the gameplay system that players will encounter a large number of monsters. and skills that are full, do not hold back Anyone who already likes Flyff game, I recommend you to play it. But who is looking for a leveling game that focuses on the number of monsters and beautiful skill effects? You can try playing this game as well. But if you’re looking for an action-packed game, go for it. This game doesn’t answer the question.

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