NHL 18 Trailer May Disappoint Fans

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EA Sports released its 1st official glance at NHL 18 with its debut teaser trailer on Wednesday afternoon. But those hoping to acquire a lot of HUT 18 Coins and substance out from the clip will probably be disappointed.

The 25-second ad shows one lone highlight – a nifty deke and aim from 20-year-old Maple Leafs rookie Mitch Marner, and that is it – at the very least until the full trailer is revealed at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 21.

Obviously this can be a very early and extremely brief glimpse in the game, but let’s go ahead and overanalyze it a little, shall we?

NHL 18
First, Marner is shown chewing on his mouthguard, hanging halfway out of his mouth, as he’s been recognized to do. It is likely protected to assume that may be incorporated inside the game, which means it really is a brand new personalization function from the series. Neat. The series has integrated some elements of player personalization in recent years (Ovechkin’s yellow laces, Kane’s ear guards, Kessel’s candy cane tape job) so hopefully you can find extra tiny details like Marner’s mouthguard that get incorporated this year. That may add some depth and realism to the series.

The second huge takeaway – the 1 the brief trailer emphasizes most – could be the introduction of new ability moves and animations. The crafty stick operate that Marner uses to get around a defender and after that beat the goaltender seem to become new towards the series. Which means fans could be in for a selection of new methods to dangle and score – maybe even some kind of revamped skill stick.

That could be a much-needed addition to assist generate for any wider assortment of highlight reel plays like the one particular shown inside the trailer – though Marner and teammate James van Riemsdyk don’t appear to become particularly enthused together with the display.

As pointed out by the Leafs’ Matt Martin, there’s a little consistency challenge with the trailer. Marner’s stick tape adjustments from white to black within the middle of his dangle. Whoops!

Lastly, the trailer nonetheless makes use of the league’s current Reebok jerseys rather than delivering a glimpse at the adidas ones that all 31 NHL teams will begin wearing beginning next season. Those jerseys are going to be unveiled about precisely the same because the complete trailer, so possibly they’ll be integrated in that 1 also.

There’s not a lot else to take away from this tease of a teaser, but if you’d like to check out what I hope is included in the upcoming game, you may do that right here.

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Best Methods to Get Extra NBA 2K17 VC Easily

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You can earn NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency in MyCareer mode, the MyNBA2K17 App, and MyLeague.

Use these four strategies from the start to build your bank account and keep the money coming in fast.

Play in Online MyCareer Mode

To earn extra Virtual Currency in MyCareer Mode, you’ll need to be online first as it allows players to collect points when they sign endorsement deals.

Your NBA 2K17 players will be able to attend meetings, practices, play games, and raise the difficulty to accumulate extra VC.

NBA 2K17
In order to build your bank account quickly, your players will have to attend all of the meetings and practices. It’s tedious at first, I know, but getting into the habit of attending all meetings and practices will guarantee that you’re making some solid VC.

There is another way to earn NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency in MyCareer Mode: play on a higher difficulty level.

Finish games as quickly as possible on the Hall of Fame difficulty.
Aim to earn an A+, this will bring 1,000+ VC each time.
If you’re not ready for the Hall of Fame difficulty, turn it down a notch and you’ll still make it close to 1,000 VC per game.

Complete Tasks In The MyNBA2K17 App

If you haven’t already, you can download the MyNBA2K17 App for iOS or Android.

Not only is it one of my favorite gaming apps, but downloading it will give you 500 VC. Once your player data is in sync with the app, you will be given out daily challenges for a certain amount of time to complete for VC awards.

Yes, the awards are small, but they’re pretty low hanging fruit for boosting your VC. An added bonus is you’ll be increasing your players’ stats at the same time.

I suggest completing the daily challenges in the morning as they refresh during the day. That way you score some VC bright and early and you’ll have new challenges ready and waiting for you later.

Simulate In MyLeague

In MyLeague mode, simulating games that last longer than a regular basketball game will help to improve your players and your VC. Simulations also save you a lot of training time and mistakes on the court.

NBA 2K17
Another big tip for gaining VC is don’t be afraid to experiment with your player’s archetype.

There are multiple modes to play in MyLeague that can turn your player’s gameplay into extra virtual currency payouts.

Save It For Your Players

Most players who earn NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency from a game, a meeting, or a practice, will spend it right away.

I know it’s tempting – I’ve done it many times – but you’ll regret it down the road! I repeat, do not spend your VC as soon as you earn it.

What you’ll need to do is save and let future VC payouts increase your bank account.

You’ll learn very quickly in NBA 2K17 that building your player’s stats is expensive, but well worth it if you follow the archetype.

If you’re the type who can’t save, it’s not the end of the world – just don’t let your bank account go to zero VC. It’ll be bad news for you later in the game when opposing teams are scoring.

Now get out there and level up your team with all that extra VC!

5 Most Outstanding Team In Madden 18

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Dallas Cowboys: 84 overall
Not only are the Cowboys popular among NFL fans, but they’re frequently used by gamers. Their trio of offensive stars is one of the best in football, led by Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and rookie Ezekiel Elliott. With that group of offensive studs, adding in tight end Jason Witten, their elite offensive line and Cole Beasley in the slot, Dallas’ offense is nearly unstoppable in Madden. The defense is where players will struggle when using the Cowboys. The pass rush and linebacking corps will be better in the game than in real life, since suspensions and injuries don’t apply, but there are still holes at both spots. At least the secondary is solid with Orlando Scandrick, Byron Jones and Brandon Carr.

Madden 18

Carolina Panthers: 87 overall
The Panthers are tied with the Patriots as the highest-rated team in the game. It’s not overly surprising given their strong balance between offense (87) and defense (91). What makes the Panthers so enjoyable to play with, though, is Cam Newton. Dual-threat quarterbacks are always fun to use in Madden, and Newton is exceptional both throwing the ball and running it. Sure, it’d be nice to have a more dynamic group of running backs, but Newton can carry the load as a leading rusher. On defense, manning the middle of the field is a breeze with Luke Kuechly. The loss of cornerback Josh Norman hurts when it comes to shutting down top receivers, but a strong pass rush can alleviate that concern.

Madden 18

Pittsburgh Steelers: 85 overall
Like the Cowboys, the Steelers have an unmatched group of triplets on offense. And thankfully, Le’Veon Bell won’t be suspended when you power up your PS4 or Xbox One! The Steelers will be hard to stop on offense – whether it’s Big Ben throwing darts to Antonio Brown or Bell gashing defenses with outside runs – but their defense is susceptible to the pass. The offense has an overall rating of 93, yet the defense has a mark of just 81. Their secondary is in desperate need of a playmaker or two, and in order to handle their defense, you’ll need to get a pass rush off the edge. If you can force the quarterback into bad decisions, it’ll mask the glaring holes in the secondary.

Madden 18

Seattle Seahawks: 85 overall
For players who enjoy taking control of safeties or cornerbacks in the secondary, the Seahawks are a must-use. Earl Thomas in Seattle’s Cover 3 scheme is a monster, ranging from sideline to sideline with big hits and plenty of interceptions. Richard Sherman is equally great in a Cover 3 defense, which is why airing it out against Seattle is so difficult. In that regard, scoring 40 points a game isn’t necessary, but it’s possible. The Seahawks have four pass catchers with overall ratings in the 80s, led by Doug Baldwin (89). Tight end Jimmy Graham is somewhat of a forgotten asset in Seattle, but he’s a real weapon in the red zone. The most important player on offense is quarterback Russell Wilson, who has great speed (86) and agility (92) to elude sacks and would-be tackles.

Madden 18

New England Patriots: 87 overall
Tom Brady isn’t the top quarterback in the game, but he is the best at throwing short and intermediate passes. That coincides perfectly with his supporting cast, which is topped by tight end Rob Gronkowski – one of four 99-rated overall players in Madden. Running the ball won’t be easy with the Patriots’ backfield and terrible offensive line, but New England doesn’t win games on the ground, and neither will you. Surprisingly, the Patriots’ defense is one of the best in the game, tied with the Broncos at 91 in that department. Devin McCourty and Jamie Collins are two players who are extremely fun to roam the field with as both can make plays against the pass and run.

Madden 18

The Consequence For Failing In FIFA 17 Journey Mode

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If you’ve had a chance to get your hands on FIFA 17, you’ve probably spent some time with The Journey. It’s a big part of the experience this year, utilizing the power of the Frostbite engine to deliver a story-based, single-player feature for the first time in the series’ history. It has been generally well-received thus far, and player engagement has been high, as noted in a recent EA infographic.

Still, it isn’t perfect. The mode follows a fairly structured form that never deviates from the script too dramatically, whether you’re excelling in front of goal or making countless blunders. The mode’s detractors will understandably point to this as a negative factor, but fail states do exist, and the game will adapt to your inconsistencies to a point if you’re unable to perform up to scratch.


We’re going to take a look at a few fail scenarios you might encounter, but keep in mind that spoilers are ahead.

Penalties And Exit Trials
The very first sequence of the story features a young Alex Hunter stepping up to take the crucial penalty in a youth game. The stakes are high, but the punishment for failure isn’t as devastating as it first appears. If you miss the spot kick, you’ll be consoled by your best mate Gareth Walker as the opposing team misses as well. Gareth then takes the glory by netting the winner himself, giving your team the win.

The next stage focuses on the exit trials — a series of training drills and practice matches to determine whether you have what it takes to compete in the English Premier League. It’s fairly unforgiving, and if you don’t perform to expectations, you’ll be informed that you haven’t made the grade. If this happens, it’s game over unless you want to try again.


Poor Performances
It’s not all that difficult to put in the types of performances that keep the mode progressing at a constant pace. Even if you struggle on game day, a few ‘A’ grades on the training pitch will largely even things out. That said, you might encounter the odd cutscene that requests you to improve your game.

However, it is possible to be fired if you can’t cut the mustard. By consistently failing to perform in games and training sessions, it can eventually lead to a scene in which Alex is released from his parent club. The game then gives you an opportunity to replay the previous week in the hope of turning your fortune around.

Loan Period
Early on, your initial success is cut short by the arrival of Harry Kane or Angel Di Maria at your chosen team. As a result, you’re sent on loan to hone your skills, and this is the case no matter how well you’re performing at this point. After you arrive in the EFL Championship, it would appear that nothing can derail your progress. You can be warned about your performances, but in my experience, it seems you’re destined to eventually make it back up to the big leagues in alignment with the story’s progression.

The Big Finale
The final contest takes place in the English FA Cup Final, and it’s a challenge that you can win or lose with fairly similar outcomes either way. If you win, you’ll be presented with a celebratory cutscene in which you console your ex-pal Gareth Walker and end your ongoing feud. If you lose, the roles are reversed, and the scene ends with you and your teammates hanging your heads in disappointment.

To enhance these scenarios, there are plenty of relevant cutscenes dotted throughout the mode’s progression. It’s still true that The Journey follows a pre-determined route for the most part, but while that might not offer as much variation as some would like, there’s just enough here to make each playthrough feel somewhat unique. In any case, The Journey as a whole represents a good first effort for a feature that looks set to establish itself as a regular part of the series for years to come.

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Making Coins Easily In Madden 18

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There is no doubt that Madden NFL is a very attractive choice for gamers who are eager to operate their favorite player or team and experience the taste of victory in virtual game. Madden NFL is the most old and popular Football video game released by EA Sports and has created a huge community all those year. gamers can find whatever they want in the NFL but they may end their desired game quickly if you don’t have enough coins. without coins, they can’t do anything. however, many gamers want to continue playing it while aren’t willing to spend really money buying coins from store. here are tips for gamers about how to make Madden 18 coins.

Madden 18

Frequent the Auction House

The Madden 18 Auction House will be your home outside of games in Madden NFL 18. When you’re not grinding out coins, beating in ranked or whatever floats your boat in MUT, you’re at the auction house. Why? Because it is by far the best place to turn a profit in Ultimate Team.

What you want to do is study the market, really pay attention to what cards normally go for, and try to find deals and cards that are going for a price much lower than normal. If you see a card going for cheap, pick it up even if you don’t plan to actually use it in-game. Once you win, flip it for a higher price than what you got it for. It might only be for a few hundred coins, but if you’re doing this across multiple auctions and have a bunch going on at once, it definitely adds up. There are certain positions that are going to be worth more than others. If you pull something like an FB that you can live without, consider throwing that right onto the auction house for some quick coins. Very rarely is it worth it to quick sell cards. If you’re patient you can sell them for more on the Auction House, or at least add them to a set. Badges are also always good to flip as well. If you’re not trying to use them yourself, try to flip badges just as you would the cards. They usually sell fast, and for a high price too.All is fair in love and MUT. Take advantage of your fellow player’s impatience and wheel and deal. Find low prices from people just looking to sell something quick and resell it for a profit.

Never Buy Packs

Never ever spend your coins on packs in Madden 18 MUT unless you really like to live dangerously. Yes, this tip is more about not wasting the coins you get rather than earning coins. However, any rich person will tell you that you don’t get to be rich by wasting your money. Same goes for coins in MUT.Packs are incredibly unreliable, and will usually leave you disappointed more often than not. Yes you might get extremely lucky and pull something worth a lot, but more likely you’re going to get a bunch of cards you don’t need, and/or don’t fit your scheme. Instead, if you want cards, go to the Auction House and pick out exactly what you want.

Get Out There and Play… But be Smart About It

There’s only so much time you can spend in menus. At some point, you just want to use the damn team. Go for it, but be efficient if you really want to be flush with coins in Madden 18.When playing online, if you got the win secured, don’t run up the score if you don’t need to. Waste time and finish people off as quickly as possible. If you have the spare tickets and are confident in your team, enter tournaments and go for the top prizes where you can get some potentially lucrative rewards.Finally, try to stick to a scheme instead of wasting coins going back and forth. While Madden 17 is a little more forgiving with Chemistry than it was with Style (allowing you to mix and match), you still want to try and hone in as much as possible instead of having players from a bunch of different schemes. Yes it might suck that your favorite player is associated with a scheme you don’t like, but if you want a swimming pool of coins that you can dive in, do the right thing and sell him.That does it for our guide on how to get coins fast and easy in Madden 17 Ultimate Team (MUT). Do you have a strategy that works too or maybe even better? Please share it in the comments! Good luck out there, MUT head.

Grind Out a Sizable Bank Roll By Doing the Easy Stuff

Ultimate Team, of course, is back in Madden NFL 18. It’s a game mode that can be quite addicting if you let it get your hooks into you, and it might be tempting to spend your real life money on it. However, getting coins fast in MUT just requires a little bit of effort upfront that will pay off later. You first need to establish a nest egg of coins that you’re going to invest in other places later. You want to be somewhere around 20,000 madden coins. Playing games are the most obvious way to get coins, but there are other methods that you should tap into first.The first thing you should do is knock out MUT’s rotating objectives as these are a steady stream of easy coins. These can be as simple as just auto generating a lineup to a certain skill level and/or completing some solo challenges. Completing all of them could earn up coins totaling up to 1,000 coins or possibly even more. So it’s definitely worth doing every chance you get.After that, look to complete as many of the solo challenges as you have the patience for. There are a bunch that can be completed right at the start, and are a source of some extremely easy coins. They move pretty quickly and before you know it, you’ll have a decent amount of coins to play around with. If you get bored of solo challenges, go ahead and give online a shot, just be warned that you could get smacked around using such a low level team

Unique Features And Surprising Improvements in NHL 18

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As it provides users with new features and other changes, NHL 17 takes over the market storm and becomes a huge hit . Now it is the time for NHL 18 to take over the market and become the leader, we are anxiously waiting to see what new content the developers provide to us.


To be able to have more control over the game, and really be able to become part of the game, We think developers should increase trading options. This option would allow us to stash the 4th line till we are ready to trade. All we have to do is ask the coach’s ability and he will be able to give us this option.

We are getting bored with the line of coaches that the game offers; there doesn’t seem to be any difference from the previous ones. What would work for the game is that the developers add a new line of coaches that we can choose from. The characteristics of coaches can be established on the basis of the NHL coaches.Adding this option makes us feel that the game is real and that we are part of the League.

Another option that the developers can add is a line of other coaches who can be an assistant to the main one. We should have the ability to choose these coaches as well. It is always great to have an extra helping hand, We are sure that this feature will be very good for the game.


The celebration of the NHL 17 series was very old, and we lost interest in seeing them so many times. It’s time for the company to focus on the new celebration, regardless of size. Celebrations should vary according to the quality of the game and the importance of the game. The Celebrations also need to be more authentic, where you can see the players hitting each other and giving each other high fives. Now that would be enjoyable!

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NHL 18: Returning User Bonus in Hockey Ultimate Team

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For player who meet two requirements set by NHL 18 can get one-time bonus of Returning User Packs in the game. First, he has ever created a team in HUT 17. Second, he is one of Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) player who will compete in NHL 18. but, there is a limitation for the using of this bonus because of its unique attribute. it’s only available on NHL 18 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Bonus is also available for players:
*Changing from NHL Legacy Edition (PS3) to NHL 18 PS4 Coins
* Changing from NHL Legacy Edition (Xbox 360) to NHL 18 Coins Xbox One
Each one of these Returning User Packs features a mix of rare and common gold items. Players will receive everything needed to give their Hockey Ultimate Team a boost to start the season, with players, coaches, and jersey items all being a part of this pack.

Factors determining a returning user bonus are:
*The number of HUT games played in NHL 17.
*The number of items obtained in a user’s HUT 17 collection.
*The current Coin balance in HUT 17.

The more you play the game, the more Returning User Bonus you will receive. so just keeping practicing the game again and again. practice makes perfect. it’s certain you will get as much as you want.

Each hut account only have one chance to get Returning User Bonuses.
Returning HUT users will need to actively redeem their Returning User Bonus in HUT 17. Any progress, purchases, items in HUT collection, etc. are not carried over from HUT 17 to HUT 18.

NBA 2K18 Best Pick & Roll Scheme

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As other video games such as FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL and so on, NBA 2K18 also provides so many various playbook for gamers to perform better in the game. however, there are so many that gamers have no idea to choose which one they need because they can’t read every playbook exactly before starting game. Although numerous playbooks hit the market, the high-quality playbooks always stand out from the masses. one of them is the 05 Phoenix Suns playbook. here is the detailed information about how to play it and earn money as well as guides on how to succeed in the end.

NBA 2K18

There are 2 things you need to complete before starting the game, first, you have already got 05 Suns playbook in your hand and decided whatever game mode you will choose. second, they are enough top-shooter available for outside you when you want to use.

There are a few things that need to be prepared before starting the game. First, you have already created a game plan in your mind, Second, appropriately assign task for every player. Third, select the player who you want to run the PnR with and he occupies the most crucial position in the game. Now, It’s the time for you to start the game and have a wonderful experience.

My favorite out of the three plays is the 35 Fist Swing.

For the 35 Fist swing, your 2 or 3 will initiate the offense on either wing. Your ball handler will be on the opposite wing. To initiate, the other guard will come for a hand off (or you can try to go backdoor). You can hold the ball or hand it off. If you hold the ball then you will get an on ball screen from the 4 or 5 after the guard in the corner screens them. If you hand if off you will then pass to the 4 or 5 at the top of the key and then he will have two options. He can directly pass to the man he wants to run a pick and roll with or he can dribble towards them and hand it off. Now after 3 quick hand-offs/passes, your PnR starts while the defense is scrambling!

For the 35 Fist Rip, your 2 or 3 will start at one of the wings and pass directly to the ball handler. Once the 2 or 3 passes the ball to the ball handler, he will screen the 4 or 5 and he will then set an on ball screen for the ball handler. The weakside players will all shift further away and give you more room to run the PnR. This play is deadly, because it has all 5 players wide to begin and has tons of spacing to work in the paint off the roll or backdoor opportunities.

The more you play, the higher possibility for you to win the game. so just practice those three plays as often as possible and don’t forget to mix them into your favorite plays. it’s not impossible for you to beat other competitors and be the final victory if you follow those plays.

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NBA 2K 17 built more huge wealth of card package system

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“My team” model: larger “open package” Feast, less messy situation
Before the series of games, this game mode is to sit tight 2K most profitable mode, players through the purchase of virtual game currency to open the card package, card package will be randomly selected historical or active players, players can mix these cards to more real players to play against. 2K single boring in the game business sectors of the economy to do the worst on model. Unpacking process long tasteless, but the sense of joy to a good start and the moment the card will be able to offset this absolutely boring. Generation game, 2K built more huge wealth of card package system, faster opening animation package, and to facilitate the game live ecosystem.buy nba 2k17 mt

Combination mode
In this year’s “my team” model, the new introduction of the “dual-core” model, is to the right on the two players together, the corresponding value of the player’s cards, there will be significant growth. As an example, if Craig – Thompson and Stephen – Curry played together on their ability to move three points will simultaneously increase. But there will be bad times, such as the Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson on the same roster in, there will be very disastrous consequences, like putting diesel added to gasoline in the car the same.

Arm also has a role
Unlike the previous game, the arm just a “decoration” as your arm, your opponent’s arm, arm everyone will have a role. When you get started, you’ll find your teammates than ever in this one pass knockdown stronger, you can even pick off a pass empty – good enough as long as you bounce. Steals in NBA has become a very important means of technical data and instructions.

September 20, US time, millions of football ?fans and game fans long awaited large electronic game will officially visit various internet.Many are familiar with this game for NBA players and NBA players, it’s more than a video game itself. Real-time data updates, updates injuries, even if players will be synchronized for a pair of shoes in your video game, which has become almost a way of socializing among many fans.

For the “prequel” 2k17 PS4 and XBOX platform in the pre-issue free (the free version), you can demo “My Career” mode. You can create your own characters, players set their own appearance, you can even scan a client by phone your own avatar, and generates an almost identical with their “players” in the game. In the game, you will enter the university as a new freshman in college before you have to choose what you want to read, and to strive for. At this stage you can have unlimited fire power, and your college teammates did not trustworthy. Although cutscenes intervals sometimes too long, but at almost 30 minutes a game demo process, I was for the story and overall production has a very big surprise.

The hottest mobile games Pokemon GO Sign-end Apple Watch!

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PConline information 】 in June developers conference we have seen the Watch OS on some new features, and more new applications.Today, the most popular mobile game Pokemon GO to login Apple Watch!Pokemon go + Apple Watch let people play games at the same time can have more opportunities to exercise, at the same time of travel, also convenient at any time to play games.

In the demonstration of conference, we see that the elves trainers can see through the dial his speed, movement distance and calories, can also be seen around partners to play games.

Pokemon go around the world have set up many sites, every time you get to a site, Apple Watch will remind you of the site can be collected elves and items.

When accessing the site reaches a certain amount, can also get the corresponding achievements and MEDALS.
Pokemon go product manager said that, in the hope that through this way of combining do more exercise to help like games, and friends.
Today Apple released iphone 7,also some other  app come out , that  will be more unbelivable . more  conveninet , lets wait  and  see

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