How to make the best FIFA 18 celebrations

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As every year, one of the characteristics most demanded by FIFA players is the inclusion of new celebrations when scoring a goal. When this is achieved, the simulator gives the player a few seconds to introduce a combination of buttons that will make the players recreate fun interpretations based on the real athletes. These are the best FIFA 18 celebrations.

The most coveted is surely the famous celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo, along with his characteristic cry. But others have also been added that have made the footballer famous. Or, rather, they have become famous for the player who made it theirs.
The new FIFA 18 celebrations

Griezmann has made famous a celebration that saw a good day in a music video, while the player Dybala, of Juventus, has also made famous his celebration in which a figurative mask is placed with his fingers. All of them can be done in FIFA 18.

In the video that accompanies this news, mounted by the Youtube channel FIFAGamers, you can see all of them and how they are made, but we also leave you a written guide if you want to have them more at hand.

‘Siiiiu’ by Cristiano Ronaldo: X / A
Bending with ball: keep L2 / LT, triangle / Y, triangle / Y.
Make an ‘X’ on the chest: keep L1 / LB and down, down with the right stick.
Imitation: keep L1 / LB, R3 / RS and left, right with the right stick.
Hypnosis: keep L2 / LT, triangle / Y.
Heart: keep L2 / LT, keep down with the right stick.
Riding the wave: keep L1 / LB and triangle / Y.
Pipe: Keep L2 / LT, up, down with the right stick.
Dybala mask (Juventus): Hold L1 / LB, up, up with the right stick.
Griezmann mobile phone: keep L2 / LT, square / X.
Kiss the ring: keep R2 / RT, circle / B, circle / B.
Mannequin: keep L2 / LT, keep up with the right stick.
Push-ups: L2 / LT, square / X, square / X.
Scorpion: keep L2 / LT, left, right with the right stick.

Syracuse Crunch captain Erik Condra on NHL waivers

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The Tampa Bay Lightning has placed forward Erik Condra on waivers. If Condra clears – which is probable – he will be assigned to the Syracuse Crunch and assume the role as their captain.

Condra has been with the Lightning organization since the 2015-16 season. He’s played 67 of his 366 NHL games with Tampa. Last season in a bit of a surprise move Condra was put on waivers at the start of the season and assigned to Syracuse. Once there he assumed an immediate leadership role swallowing his pride and any negative feelings he had about the send down and playing his heart out for his new team.

Condra did play 13 games with the Lightning last season. He was relied on when Tampa Bay needed a veteran presence and spent a difficult few months bouncing back and forth between the two clubs. However when it was revealed towards the end of the season that the Lightning wasn’t going to be returning then-Crunch captain Luke Witkowski (who had only played 18 games for the Crunch as captain) the decision to name a replacement captain was made.

The choice before the coaching staff was pretty clear and on March 18th Condra was named the new captain of the Crunch. All in all last season Condra played 55 games in Syracuse amassing 15 goals and 33 assists. Fans appreciated his hard work in the face of many personal challenges (for example his family was never sure when they’d be able to see him for instance) and his teammates were galvanized by Condra’s lead-by-example style.

Condra played in 18 Calder Cup playoff games with Syracuse scoring 5 goals and 11 assists. Heartbreakingly Condra sat out the final four games in the final round with a herniated disc. The problem “…severely weakened the muscles in his legs and prevented him from skating at full speed.” Condra would go on to have a successful surgery for the issue and has been rehabbing in both Syracuse and Tampa since the start of the season.

The Crunch and its fans are certainly looking forward to having their captain back in the line up. Syracuse is a very young team that has had a rough start to the regular season. Their record currently stands at 3-6-1-2.

Condra’s energy heart and effort has certainly been missed on the ice. It will be good seeing him back in Syracuse.

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FIFA 18: Eredivisie and Championship Squad Building Challenges

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Amin Younes and Liam Moore have both received special edition players which can be earned in FIFA Ultimate Team by trading in complete squads

EA Sports has unveiled the next two league Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 18 with both the Championship and Eredivisie receiving special edition players.

Amin Younes has been selected for the Eredivisie challenge which requires FIFA gamers to collect XI players from each of the clubs in the Dutch top-flight in order to earn an untradeable boosted version of the Germany international.
Reading defender Liam Moore is the player of choice for the Championship being boosted to an overall 83 rating with an impressive 80 pace score. The requirements for Moore are similar with gamers needing to complete all 24 Championship squads.

Both SBCs will be available for the remainder of FIFA 18 and can be completed at any time.

As well as the two new challenges EA Sports has confirmed that all of the Ultimate Scream players will receive a temporary boost this weekend to coincide with the November full moon.

These cards will return to normal at 1800 GMT on Sunday but will receive boosts again at various stages throughout the year.

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Madden nfl 18,Bills, Seahawks get big upgrades

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The NFL trade deadline typically does not have the intrigue or drama found in other leagues.

This year however a number of impact moves were made and “Madden NFL 18″ offers an opportunity to assess what they mean for the players and their respective new teams going forward.

Here is how each notable trade made before Tuesday’s deadline is reflected in the game.

Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo Bills

With a big need at wide receiver and in position to contend for a playoff berth the Bills made a deal right at the deadline for Kelvin Benjamin from the Panthers.

Benjamin is a fantastic video game receiver (outside of a relatively slow 86 Speed rating) given his 6-5 height and ratings near the top of the league in categories such as Spectacular Catch Catch in Traffic Jumping and Release. He becomes the No. 1 receiver for Buffalo with a rating of 85 Overall.

The Panthers now join the Redskins and Browns as the only teams without a single receiver rated 80 Overall or better.

Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers appear to view Garoppolo as their quarterback of the future after giving up what will be a pick at the top of the second round in 2018 to get him plus the knowledge that they’ll have to sign him to a big contract given his upcoming free agent status.

Garoppolo in “Madden NFL 18″ is already ranked in the top 30 QBs with a 77 Overall rating. His “Quick” development trait in Franchise Mode means he could become an above-average player.

Garoppolo has only started two games in his career though which explains why he has never been able to break out of that range where all inexperienced QBs reside in “Madden.”

IYER: Garoppolo trade a win-win for Pats 49ers
Jay Ajayi to Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles will now feature a backfield made up of Ajayi (86 Overall) and LeGarrette Blount (85 Overall). That should allow the workload on Blount to be reduced while Ajayi picks up the carries that had been going to Wendell Smallwood and rookie Corey Clement.

The Falcons are the only other team in the league that currently features a pair of running backs in “Madden” rated 85 Overall or better.

Duane Brown to Seattle Seahawks

It’s difficult to imagine a more ideal upgrade from a glaring weakness for any team in the NFL.

Seattle goes from having the worst starting left tackle (with a rating of 65 Overall) to the fifth best at the position. Granted Rees Odhiambo is a guard who was forced to take over at LT following an injury to the original starter but he struggled mightily there ranking 73rd in the video game behind all other starters many backups and free agents.

Brown who stands at 86 Overall returned from his holdout last week to play well in his first game of the season against the team he now joins. When plugging him the biggest improvements in critical individual attributes are +24 Awareness +15 Pass Block and +14 Run Block.

MORE: Brown an early Thanksgiving for Wilson
Marcell Dareus to Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars lead the league in sacks and are on pace to threaten the record for most sacks in a season. They made their defensive line even better by picking up Dareus who is rated 83 Overall making him their top-rated player on the interior.

Jacksonville now has four players rated over 80 on the defensive line led by Calais Campbell and his 93 Overall rating.

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‘NBA Live 18′ patch update 1.04 improvements

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EA Sports released the latest patch for NBA Live 18. The update focused primarily on stability in a variety of modes, but it also updated the face scans of a few players for accuracy.

Most notably, the clean-shaving version of Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving is now available in the game. Irving’s Celtics teammate Jaylen Brown, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Iman Shumpert and others also received new and improved renders.
You can see the updated Uncle Drew in the image above. Here are the other details:

Addressed a crash in Pro-Am Tour that occurred during a conversation with the Goodman League Commissioner after winning the league tournament.
Addressed a crash when a player would get to Level 50 League Hype.
Addressed some player likeness issues.
Addressed an issue in which a user could turn off auto-subs and cause the CPU to stop making the substitution.
Addressed some idle issues with some instance of dribbling and hands-up animations.
Made improvements to the look of a player’s first step out of triple threat
Improved responsiveness for pull up jumpers
Improved responsiveness when catching and shooting
Improved responsiveness on right stick shot contests.
Updated and Tuned dribble content
Improved overall online gameplay stability

Live Ultimate Team Update:

Updated player ratings on items to better reflect important attributes.
Removed Passing
Added Post Offense (POST) to show how good a player is at getting to the basket and scoring from the post.
Changed Shooting (SHT) to Mid-Range Shooting (MID) to better reflect a player’s ability to score off of mid-range jumpers.
Changed Dunking (DNK) to Finishing (FIN) to better reflect how well a player can score around the basket with dunks and lay-ups.

EA Sports continues to improve what was already a resurgent entry in the NBA Live series. If there is any way to flesh out the franchise mode and add more content to Ultimate Team, it could go a long way toward improving the overall experience.
Even still, the game is on the right track and anticipation will be high for next year’s release.

FIFA 18 gives a boost to the story of Alex Hunter

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Alex Hunter’s adventures as an up-and-coming player in the glamorous world of football continue in the Hunter Returns story mode and while the game adds little touches to its other modes this is FIFA 18’s major piece of business in the offseason transfer window.

The story of Alex Hunter contains new choices takes him across the globe and introduces new characters but its basic structure is the same. The mode is now broken up into chapters but you still play lots of games practice and work your way up the skill tree. These things are not inherently bad but the routine would be more enjoyable if its basic mechanics culminated in a more interesting destination. The match performance grading dings you for actions it shouldn’t and the menu feedback can be contradictory.

Meanwhile practicing to be in the starting lineup and having to spend points on skills you don’t want (due to the restrictive skill tree) isn’t an exciting backbone for the mode when you’d just rather get to the next turn in the story.

These flaws are tolerable because the tale itself — which ventures into serious subjects without bingeing on drama or hamming it up — is once again a success. Family and the business of football are presented and executed believably. The inclusion of playable characters other than Hunter is smart because they not only help the pacing of the story but they also add depth to the characters involved. The script voice actors and graphics again deliver a great experience.

FIFA 18 shows Alex Hunter moving into a wider world of football and while that story experience is absorbing it also reveals how much work areas like the career mode — which hasn’t meaningfully changed in years — need. It’s still worth it to play all the modes the title has to offer but this is a title that caters to its superstar.

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Madden 18,Week 5 NFL simulation results

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After slipping a bit in Week 4, our weekly simulation using the power of Madden NFL 18 looks ahead to the upcoming weekend of NFL games.

Things for our weekly simulations of the NFL have been pretty up and down so far. The game went 7-9 in predictions a week ago, which included calling the Rams’ minor upset over the Cowboys on the road. It brings the total season record up to 34-29 on the year thus far heading into Week 5, which features Denver, New Orleans, Atlanta and Washington all on bye weeks. Everybody else gets to trot out on the gridiron starting on Thursday, so let’s see how they do on the virtual playing field.
Absolutely no user games were played.
Live rosters used were up to date as of October 4, 2017, but we did have to manually make a few changes to accommodate for things like quarterback and running back changes.
Screenshots were taken after using the Super Sim feature in Play Now.
Settings included All-Pro difficulty, Simulation sliders and six-minute quarters

New England Patriots 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13

Things start out pretty good for the Patriots, who are looking to bounce back from another home loss last week to the Panthers. Our simulation of Thursday’s game in Tampa couldn’t have gone better for New England, as they forced a pair of turnovers and allowed just one touchdown while dominating the Buccaneers. Tom Brady put up 262 yards passing and a touchdown to Brandin Cooks early in the second quarter and didn’t turn the ball over.

Cooks, who once haunted the Bucs twice a year when he was a member of the Saints, caught six passes for 90 yards along with his touchdown. Dion Lewis, who took 22 carries for 86 yards, also ran for a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to put the game on ice for the Patriots.  Jameis Winston had a rough night for Tampa, throwing for 238 yards and two interceptions including one that Devin McCourty took back 38 yards for a New England touchdown. Winston did find rookie tight end O.J. Howard for a touchdown in the third quarter and Doug Martin ran for a score to close the gap earlier in the fourth before Lewis was able to put the game away.

The player on the MyNBA 2K18 icon is Kristaps Porzingis

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The mobile application of the successful NBA 2K franchise is back in an improved version and with new features

Paris August 29 2017 – 2K announces that the mobile application for NBA 2K18 will be back on September 7 with Kristaps Porzingis the star of the New York Knicks on the icon of the mobile application. Thanks to its many features such as the ability to scan your face with your phone and integrate it with NBA 2K18 and earn virtual currency every day MyNBA2K18 helps you stay connected to NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One . MyNBA2K18 also includes the NBA 2K Themed Trading Card Game My Mobile TEAM which allows you to collect your NBA player cards and favorite legendary players to challenge opponents from around the world during quick games. Play-off tournaments and special events at stake. This year’s version includes brand new cards daily goals that offer fabulous rewards new ways to improve your cards and new team bonuses. .

“I am very flattered to have been chosen to be the athlete on the MyNBA2K18 dust jacket and to help provide the ultimate gaming experience for NBA 2K fans on mobile,” commented Kristaps Porzingis. “It’s great to be recognized by such an iconic brand a few years after I came into the league.”
The full list of features of the MyNBA2K18 app includes

Integration in NBA 2K18:
Scanning your face through your phone so you’re part of NBA 2K18 on PS4 and Xbox One
Daily gain of virtual money
Purchase items from the game wherever you are with a My Player Shop that offers more things
Ability to watch 2KTV at any time from your device
Many ways to play with fast party modes play-offs and PvP
Daily goals to finish for rewards at stake
Team bonus at login: log in every day to win Team packs to distribute to your teammates
More than 300 new cards for the 2017-2018 NBA season

Developed by Cat Daddy Games in collaboration with Visual Concepts both 2K studios MyNBA2K18 will be available for free download on the App Store for the iOS version as well as on the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore for Android versions as soon as possible. September 7th.
Further information

MyNBA2K18 RP is the best basketball simulation game on mobile devices. Developed by 2K Sports and based on the NBA official database the game wins numerous fans around the world. The player mainly plays NBA basketball games with real-life or customized players and teams. In-game currency is My NBA 2K18 RP you can use it to buy your favorite players.
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NBA 2K18, the new MyTeam detail makes it the best collector model

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NBA 2K18 fans who have been impatiently awaiting news on MyTeam can rest easy.

On Friday, 2K announced the return of the MyTeam feature with two very important new modes. The trailer below covers them on a high level, but read on to see a summary of the linked developer blog, as well as my thoughts on each of the new features.
MyTeam will finally feature a draft mode called Pack and Playoffs.

There are elements from other collection modes and some totally unique features that could really set this draft concept apart from others.

You begin by picking a coach, and according to the developer blog, this is a very important choice. Your coach will dictate the system you run. The all-new system proficiency system affects how well your players perform in a coach’s scheme.

You’ll want to be sure to draft players who fit into the system that your coach likes to run. For example, if you’re like Phil Jackson and you try to force players who don’t fit into the Triangle into that system, you won’t get the best out of your roster.

You’ll have five position players to start, and these guys are the ones you should try to marry with your coach’s system. You’ll fill out your roster with pack openings. That’s pretty exciting and different than say Madden 18’s MUT Draft.

This accentuates the excitement of pack openings throughout the draft process.

Once you have your team set, you’ll begin play against other drafted teams. Here’s another exciting twist. Your team will compete in best-of-seven elimination-style competitions.

You won’t play the same team in a series, but it will take four wins to advance to the next round, or your team can be eliminated and sent back to restart after four losses.
After each round, you’ll be prompted to re-draft your team, but you can use VC to retain players from your original team that you don’t want to lose. That’s never been done in any collector draft mode, to my knowledge.

It seems like a perfect way to make the draft concept a deeper, more rewarding experience that gets you more attached to your team and players.

Another new mode under the MyTeam umbrella is called Super-Max. It’s a much-needed salary-cap based feature that could help to level the playing field and add more competitiveness to MyTeam.

It’s an online, season-play concept that will set a salary cap for all online players. Fans will have to put together the best 13-man rosters they can while staying under the salary cap for that round of play in the season.

There is a system in place to assign higher values to frequently used cards. For example, a diamond Kobe Bryant card may be circulating and prevalent in most fans’ collection. If the usage reaches a certain level, that card may reach Super-Max, and thus it will eat up a great deal of your salary cap space.

That would in turn make it difficult for you to put other good players around the Black Mamba. This is the same kind of conundrum real NBA general managers face when they have to decide whether they will max out a star player.

Once you have your team set, you participate in placement matches to gauge your skill, and you’ll then be put into a league with players of a similar skill level. There will be grand prizes awarded to winners of the various seasons.

In addition to the new card design that you may have noticed, there will also be a new card type. It’s called Strategy cards, and it functions like an in-game power up.

During timeouts, you’re able to use a strategy card to give your team a quick boost in a specific area. As you can see from the image below, the cards have different characteristics and will impact specific attributes, depending on the card.

Team owners should consider the players on their roster when choosing strategy cards. Theoretically, it seems you could select strategy cards that work well with your teams strengths and/or weaknesses. The amount of strategy cards you can bring into a game depends on the gem level of the coach on your team.

The higher the gem level, the more strategy cards that coach can carry. This could make the coach you pick in MyTeam matter as much or more than in any other collector mode.

There’s new offline content too.
There will be new schedule challenges .It looks like a row of ticket stubs. You’ll play a 30-game season for each team and there are 900 total challenges to complete.

There are also challenges to face and defeat 33 all-time teams, enhancements to the Auction House, a new goals screen to track your progress and guide you through your journey, more Dynamic Duos and a host of other promised features.

NHL 18 Rookie Watch: McAvoy living up to expectations with Bruins

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Expectations entering this season may have been greater than usual for Boston Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy after making his debut in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs look so easy.But the frenetic pace of playoff hockey never seemed to rattle the 19-year-old.

McAvoy (6-foot 208 pounds) was the No. 14 pick and the fourth defenseman taken in the 2016 NHL Draft. He Mikhail Sergachev (No. 9) and Jakob Chychrun (No. 16) are in the NHL though Chychrun had knee surgery on Aug. 4 and didn’t resume skating with the Arizona Coyotes until Saturday.

McAvoy is still learning and he’s the first to admit the true test is enduring and surviving the NHL’s 82-game regular season.

McAvoy finished with three assists and five shots on goal in six playoff games and averaged 26:12 in ice time playing mostly with Boston captain Zdeno Chara. He’s gotten off to a productive start through seven games this season with seven points (one goal six assists) and nine shots on goal. He’s second on the Bruins in average ice time (21:03).

The Bruins control 53.85 percent of shot attempts with McAvoy on the ice best among Boston defensemen who’ve played at least two games including 53.19 percent when the Bruins lead. McAvoy has been paired with Kevan Miller for much of the season.
Despite his early success he’s not thinking about winning the Calder Trophy as the NHL’s top rookie.

NHL Central Scouting had McAvoy ranked No. 6 on its final list of North American skaters eligible for the 2016 draft. At the time he was listed as a player who not only would soon be starring in the NHL but one with the potential to be a perennial all star.

“I was fortunate to get some experience in the playoffs even when they had older guys and still gave it to me,” McAvoy said. “It’s awesome because the organization drafts guys and they want to see these guys pan out and be successful. It feels as though we all want the same things. As players we want to play in the NHL and contribute and win a Stanley Cup and management wants to see that as well. So when you get this chance you have to make the most of it.”

Clayton Keller C Arizona Coyotes (2016 Draft No. 7): Keller (5-10 168) 19 is tied for second among rookies with eight points (six goals two assists) and has averaged 19:46 of ice time. He’s scored one power-play goal and nine of his 30 shots have come with the man-advantage.

“I’m not going to compare him to [Sidney] Crosby but he gets the puck in the corner and his heart rate goes down,” Coyotes coach Rick Tocchet told The Boston Globe. “He doesn’t throw pucks away. He can find the good ice and make a play or he can hold it.”

Jakub Vrana LW Washington Capitals (2014 Draft No. 13): He spent a majority of the past two seasons with Hershey of the American Hockey League and is beginning to refine his game without the puck. Coach Barry Trotz has given the 21-year-old a golden opportunity placing him on a line with center Evgeny Kuznetsov and right wing Alex Ovechkin and he has five points (two goals three assists) and 22 shots on goal in nine games. Vrana (6-foot 197 pounds) is averaging 13:54 of ice time.

Mikhail Sergachev D Tampa Bay Lightning (2016 Draft No. 9 Montreal Canadiens): Sergachev (6-3 215) has six points (three goals three assists) during a three-game point streak and eight points (three goals five assists) in nine games for the Lightning. The 19-year-old left-hand shot was acquired in a trade with the Montreal Canadiens for forward Jonathan Drouin on June 15 and has averaged 12:36 in ice time.

“He’s got the size strength vision and shot,” Lightning coach Jon Cooper said. “He just has to learn the NHL; you don’t just step into the League and play that position and say ‘I’ve arrived where’s the Norris Trophy.’ It takes 200 or 300 games to get a legitimate feel for the League but you can’t help but really be excited about his upside and what he can bring for us.”

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