Rocket League will no longer have loot boxes

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Loot boxes have become the enemy of gamers everywhere, so Rocket League developer Psyonix is ditching them. The news came during the summer, shortly after Psyonix was bought by Epic Games. The news now is that the patch that officially removes loot boxes is finally here. Rocket League players will now collect Blueprints from their matches. These Blueprints show upfront just what they can unlock, and players spend credits to get the items shown. It makes for an interesting reversal of a loot box system, and hopefully an example that other companies will follow.

Epic Games announced that the game will no longer have loot boxes, and while the community stands divided on the decision and the implementation of the same, the move sets a very good precedent for the gaming industry. Existing crates in the game were converted into blueprints, which showed what item can be crafted by utilizing a set number of credits, depending on rarity and finish. Credits, of course, can be bought using real money. However, what’s praiseworthy is the removal of loot boxes, which depended on RNG, and indirectly supported unethical methods like gambling. If you want to Buy Rocket League blueprints, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

The new system replacing loot boxes is the Blueprint system. Players will now earn Blueprints from matches. Unlike the mysterious Crates (Rocket League’s loot boxes), Blueprints show the player exactly what item they get if “crafted.” The only way to craft a Blueprint is to use Credits. Credits are a premium currency, meaning they can only be bought with real money or received via trade with another player.

Epic acquired Psyonix at the beginning of May; the purchase came after a long relationship with both studios working together on both the Unreal Engine game development tool set and development on games like Unreal Tournament 2004 and Mass Effect 3. It remains to be seen if other developers will follow in Epic’s footsteps, or whether this will be a change made across all Epic titles in future.

How To Farm Cubic Diodes In Warframe

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Warframe’s Latest Update “The Rising Tide” brings in loads of new content including a number of new crafting options and some vehicles too. Among all the new additions are the Cubic Diodes. This will be required to build the new Railjack Cephalon. In this guide, we have all the tips for you on how to farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe.

100 Cubic Diodes are needed to construct your Railjack’s fuselage. They drop after you kill Eximus units on the Ice Planet tileset on Europa. They drop around five to ten Cubic Diodes on death.

The most efficient way to farm for Cubic Diodes is by playing endless missions: more enemies means more items to pick up. The best type of mission to farm Cubic Diodes the fastest is the Dark Sector Defense on the Larzec node but Kuva Lich and Arbitrations missions also spawn Eximus units allowing you to farm. In addition, Cheap Warframe Platinum is on hot sale at our website

Once you have all the Cubic Diodes your heart (and your future fuselage) desires, that’s one resource you can check off your shopping list. You still need to get 1,000,000 Credits, 3000 Warframe Plastids, 15,000 Rubedo, and 30 Neural Sensors.

The fuselage then take 12 hours to build, but there’s no way of hastening the process. After you have finally collected all the right ship parts your Railjack will be completed. Ship battles won’t be available until the Empyrean expansion, but at least your battleship is prepped and ready to go.

Rise of Civilizations has its own in-depth alliance system

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Rise of Civilizations takes you on a journey through time. It starts in Ancient Times, where there were no borders to cross and no governments. There were ancient civilizations and peoples. There were kings. There were armies. They fought each other and took over conquered lands, absorbing the people, the culture and the treasures.

At the start of this  strategy game, there is a modest walled city with very little to offer, once you upgrade your City Hall and the buildings around it you unlock more building types. After successful upgrading these blocks, it lets you upgrade with your City Hall in turn, giving more options for building types available, gives the user the feeling of conquering the kingdom.

Finally, the success in building will bring in a farm, an archery range, a workshop, camps, a timber mill, an academy, and many more buildings besides. Amid them they keep your people sheltered, fed, trained, educated, armed, healthy, safe, and prosperous. To enhance your adventure and compliment your gameplay, you can buy ROK Resources from the reputable sellers in a safe secure environment and at cheap rates.

As you progress in the game, the challenge comes while upgrading the buildings, but you can speed up the process with replaceable cards. You have to apply a little bit of restraint with these since there is a limited amount of supply, but it is enough that you can speed up a few building, training, and research periods per session, permitting you to get some good output through a quick game.

Rise of Civilizations also has its own in-depth alliance system, which has messaging facilities. By joining an alliance it gives you more right of entry to communal assets such as research, alliance assistance, and earnings from resources. It also allows you to call on coalition members for assistance in completing research, building, and working out the project to succeed in your city. You can certainly return the favor, by helping the alliance too, by promising your troops in wars, funding to research costs, and so on.

RaiderZ First Major Content Update Coming in February

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Perfect World Entertainment’s RaiderZ is currently the best free-to-play themepark MMO out there. The skill-based game and weighty combat physics puts it on par as a challenging experience that you would oftentimes find on a home console. PWE sent out some new screenshots to indicate that the game’s endgame is about to be extended.

Publisher Gameforge has announced a comprehensive content update for the fantasy MMO RaiderZ to be released in February. In the new zone Kowen Marsh, the Temple of Renas is just waiting to be explored by daring adventurers. Players can also look forward to lots of new weapons and armour, a PvP arena, as well as a level cap increase up to 40. The content update will appear in both the English and the German version of RaiderZ. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe RaiderZ (US) GP for sale.

The Temple of Renas is situated in the new zone Kowen Marsh – a land once haunted by a sinister curse. Adventurers will find dangerous monsters lurking within the temple, such as the sword-swinging Ronin and the fearsome Kuld, whose powerful bite attacks present a real challenge, even for the most experienced warriors of Rendel. With the ability to level up to 40, as well as the new weapons and armour available, players will have the means necessary to overcome all the obstacles and send these villains screaming into the night.

New endgame bosses have been added, and presumably the next level cap will be 40. A duel arena is inbound along with new weapons, armor and locations to explore. For those wondering what makes RaiderZ the best out of the bunch, it’s quite easy: the game’s graphics are absolutely top notch. The combat mechanics mirror games like Monster Hunter and Dark Souls and the ability to mix and match classes to create a play-style that suits your gaming habits makes the game truly unique and versatile, also enabling gamers to do things like take down a dungeon boss with only two or three people instead of using a full party. The ability to dodge, block, evade and counter-attack makes for some of the most intense and memorable battles in any game.

In the brand-new Battle Arena, the heroes of Rendel can put their skills to the test in PvP combat. Players can access the arena from anywhere via the user interface and dive into thrilling 1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3 battles. On the blackboard, brave contestants can get an overview of all the battles and then jump into the action as they see fit. There are two big events coming up in the Kingdom of Rendel. On Valentine’s Day, players can prove themselves as messengers of love in a special quest and earn a health buff. For the traditional Korean Lunar New Year Festival, RaiderZ will offer special outfits, event quests, and more. Moreover, provides Cheap RaiderZ (US) Items for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.

RaiderZ is now available on Steam

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Perfect World Entertainment’s Monster Hunter-inspired massively-multiplayer online role-playing game RaiderZ is now available on Steam, it was recently announced. The game originally launched in North America on Windows PC on Nov. 20, 2013 after a month-long open beta period. The free-to-play title can now be played via Steam. Players will have access to all the features that are available in the non-Steam version, including joining a hunting party, teaming up with up to 15 other players before entering battles and merging weapons and skills to customize their character.

RaiderZ is an upcoming free-to-play MMORPG developed by MAIET Entertainment and published in North America by Perfect World Entertainment and in Europe by Gameforge Berlin AG. The game puts players in the roles of Berserker, Cleric, Defender, and Sorcerer, in order to defend the kingdom of Rendel from hordes of colossal and vicious beasts. Countless creatures are being awakened and mutated by the Prime Stone, and have begun to slip through the last weakening barrier between human and beast, and it’s up to players to beat them back and save Rendel from destruction. By the way, you can buy cheap RaiderZ (EU) GP from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Supported by a custom-developed, modern graphics engine, this action-oriented MMO is distinguished by atmospheric gaming environments and an epic background story. With the help of an unconventional non-targeting combat system, RaiderZ gives players direct control over their character, enabling them to face a multitude of threatening opponents and imposing boss monsters.

With more than 20 titles and over 450 million registered players, Gameforge is the leading provider of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) in the western hemisphere. Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, the group offers its online games in more than 75 countries. The portfolio encompasses numerous well-known game industry brands, including prized role-playing games Runes of Magic, AION Free-to-Play and TERA as well as Europe’s most successful MMO, Metin2. The action anime MMORPG SoulWorker adds to the wide-ranging collection, while popular browser-based games such as OGame and Ikariam complete their offering. If you want to buy RaiderZ (EU) Items, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

What we learned at the Roblox Developers Conference

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robux cheap Roblox doesn’t exactly loom in the collective consciousness but it apparently doesn’t need to. It has over 100 million monthly active users and at their developer conference it was announced that people making games on the platform are set to share in $100m revenue in 2019.

During RDC the Roblox team discussed the game’s growth the latest developments on the platform and its predictions for the future.

Highlights from the opening sessions included the announcement that Roblox is on track to pay out $100 million to developers in 2019 while it has now hit over 1.2 billion hours of engagement a month.
There are now entire development teams working within the Roblox ecosystem and so the tools are getting more useable. By the end of the year Roblox Studio will be completely cloud-based enabling all the work to be synced across the teams and platforms. The creative doodads are being upgraded with new lighting and terrain options coming and matchmaking tools will make multiplayer games more competitive. And it’ll be using Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab giving real-time analytics to the top 10,000 teams.

This all reads like a GDC talk schedule which shows just how serious and all-encompassing Roblox has become. I’m shame-faced in my ignorance of the platform robux for sale but I was aware that I should be paying more attention to it and I’ll take some time to see what’s what. I think I’ll start with Alex Wiltshire’s exploration of its community before moving on to our guide of the best Roblox games.

Roblox Robux are the virtual currency of Roblox all paid items created by Roblox within the catalog are sold for Robux. Players always want to figure out where is the best place to Buy Cheap Roblox Robux. You can find the correct answer at Roblox Robux for Sale here shop now you can enjoy the cheapest price!

WoW Classic’s ,World bosses are coming to Classic in Phase Two

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cheap WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft Classic has had a monumental launch igniting the MMORPG genre and attracting millions of new players.

Since well before launch Blizzard has said that Classic’s new dungeons raids and PVP features would be released in six main phases but until now hasn’t indicated when those updates will arrive. In an interview with game director Ion Hazzikostas which will appear in full on the site early next week  I got a partial answer on when to expect phase 2: This year.

Phase Two will be a deal-breaker for WoW fans hopefully bringing back old players and enticing the new.
World bosses are coming to Classic in Phase Two giving players the opportunity to farm new content and gear. buy WOW Classic Gold cheapOther than Molton Core and Onxyia’s Lair players will have two new bosses to farm.

One of the biggest hurdles to phase 2’s launch is “layering,” the new system that helped WoW Classic survive the storm of players who rushed the servers on day one. With layering a given server could handle many times the normal number of players by breaking them into different copies of the same world spreading out the population so everyone wasn’t in the same area at the same time.

Most important though the PvP Honor System and Rank Rewards are going to be introduced. This will give players a reason to fight their opposing faction allowing them to build up honor and earn epic gear. They’ll be 14 ranks in all with each rank unlocking new rewards including gear and titles.

Once every server is down to one layer phase 2 will be much closer to launching. That’s good news for everyone: Phase 2 adds powerful new world bosses to fight over in addition to the Dire Maul dungeon (which will undoubtedly spark a bloody new chapter in Classic’s silliest ongoing argument) for veterans. But even players who aren’t max level yet will still have something to look forward to with the new Honor system which rewards (or punishes) killing enemy players.

To be the core player you can’t leave without WOW Classic Gold. Earning gold in World of Warcraft is no longer the daunting prospect it used to be but farming for WOW Classic gold can be tedious. Good thing you can always buy some from us here at WOWTT.COM.

World of Warcraft Subscriptions Up 223%

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WOW Classic Power Leveling Almost a month ago Blizzard released a classic version of its legendary MMORPG World of Warcraft. Players enthusiastically greeted WoW Classic creating an unprecedented load on the server and thousands of queues to enter the game at the start of the project.

As the report portal Superdata the number of subscriptions to World of Warcraft in August grew by 223% compared to July buy WOW Classic Boosting which allowed the game to take the third place for revenue in August among all PC projects. Analysts say that the lion’s share of incomes was formed by former users who decided to nostalgia and back in the game thirteen years ago.
On the other hand WoW Classic was unable to break last year’s record when the massive Battle for Azeroth update was released. However Blizzard is most likely satisfied with the result.

Foreign journalists have noted a few fun facts associated with World of Warcraft Classic. For example in the first days after release on specialized sites has tripled the number of requests for adult content with tag Warcraft. Being in long queues on the game servers gamers entertained themselves any way they can. provide best guide for WOW Classic Power Leveling in the world. If you want to enhance your gameplay and squad rating just follow us.5% coupon:amvip

World of Warcraft veterans can now find each other again in time for Classic

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For the World of Warcraft veterans out there looking to get back into game with the launch of WoW Classic, it seems like the perfect opportunity to find old friends, party members, and guildmates to once again take up the mantle of the Alliance or the Horde. While it does seem unlikely for old World of Warcraft buddies to reunite again after a decade-long lapse since the first expansion came out, Blizzard apparently has your back. With the introduction of a new forum tool called Classic Connections 2004-2006, veterans of the bygone days of World of Warcraft, before any of the expansions came out, now have the opportunity to find each other again on the Blizzard Forums.

The forums titled “Classic connections 2004-2006 – find people here”, are available on both the US and European Blizzard WoW sites, and offer three different options: reconnecting with people who used to play ALLIANCE with you, or played HORDE with you, or even engaging with new people you “haven’t yet met.” Each of these is then broken down into the Realm types, like RP, PvP, and so on, and then the specific Realms you played on to help you find fellow adventurers you might have long lost contact with more easily.

Through the official “Classic Connections” forum set up by Blizzard, you can work your way through a survey to find and reunite with the people who were playing on the same server at the same time on the same side (Horde or Alliance) as yourself, hopefully bumping into some familiar faces along the way. If you want to know where to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Items, will be your best choice.

While some have complained that it hasn’t been advertised very well, the forums have quickly picked up, with now over 100 thousand users using it to reach or track down former companions so they can catch up and maybe even make plans to re-live their experiences when World of Warcraft Classic releases.

Speaking of, Blizzard are still currently running a Pre-Launch Test so current WoW players can get an early glimpse of the game. It has already completed its tests but players are free to keep playing, though it will end at some point today. For those interested, Blizzard have also shared the PC requirements needed to run the game, but anyone who is currently playing WoW should have a set-up that already meets those requirements.

World of Warcraft Classic Pre-Launch Test Takes Place This Week

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World of Warcraft players hoping for one more opportunity to try out World of Warcraft Classic before its launch on August 27 have been rewarded. Blizzard has announced one final Pre-Launch test for World of Warcraft Classic. The test starts at 11:00 am PT on Thursday, meaning it’s already live, and will end Friday. Blizzard is creating a small-scale launch scenario where players will be rushing to download and play World of Warcraft Classic in one big burst.

To help with its test, Blizzard is requesting that World of Warcraft players with an active subscription download, login, and play as much World of Warcraft: Classic as possible during the test’s first two hours. Blizzard will be actively monitoring issues during this initial two-hour window. Players are then welcome to continue playing at their own leisure for the test’s remaining duration. If you want to Buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold and WOW Classic Gold, we can give you a very low price, welcome to buy.

Blizzard also announced the minimum PC requirements for its vanilla World of Warcraft server option, which are much lower than the specs required to play Battle for Azeroth. Interesting to note is that Blizzard actually managed to cut down the required hard drive space compared to the original 1.12 version from 2006.

The developers are encouraging its player base to participate in the testing, especially in the first two hours, as they’ll be actively monitoring “World of Warcraft Classic” during this time. In turn, the test will tremendously help the developers in making sure that the game will run smoothly come launch day. The community, of course, are more than happy to comply and is gearing up for the “World of Warcraft Classic” launch test. Aside from the announcement, Kaivax has also provided the minimum spec requirements to play the game.

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