Lee would play a huge role in NBA 2K17

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That’s precisely why NBA 2K17 has put so much effort into building its ‘Off-Day’ feature. As Dan Indra, part of the NBA 2K development team explains in a recent NBA 2K clip, being a player in the league means more than simply showing up on game nights, ready to play…and that’s why ‘Off-Day’ training is key in constantly improving your character. Think of the function as a complement to the story aspect of the game’s My Career mode. This one is pretty easy.  Simply load up your My Career in NBA 2K17 set-up your games for Hall of Fame Difficulty and either 6 or 12 minute quarters.

Next, just load up your next game. Once it loads up and you complete the tip-off, just simulate it to the end.  nba 2k17 mt The game is not supposed to reward you with VC, but apparently this glitch is still rewarding players with the currency.  Rinse and repeat over and over again to farm VC in NBA 2K17 (until 2K patches this one). The only time consuming part of this glitch is that it takes a few minutes to load each game, other than that there’s nothing stopping you from getting unlimited VC in NBA 2K17.  This glitch nets about 600 VC every game you simulate.

Leaked images this year indicated that Spike Lee would play a huge role in NBA 2K17, just as musical artist Jay-Z did previously. 2KGames is indeed describing NBA 2K17 as a “Spike Lee Joint,” the moniker giving to Lee’s films and other media projects. Those leaked images also indicated that Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and James Harden would act as cover athletes for the NBA 2K17 release. 2KGames has confirmed that too. With the MyCareer mode narrative upgrades now announced, presumably 2K Games will turn to announcing any mechanics changes that this year’s game includes.

NBA 2K17 isn’t as simple as picking up a controller and making your character run to the nearest basket to score. Simply shooting a three pointer involves nearly exact timing on the game’s default difficulty. It takes skill and practice, both of which will certainly be required for NBA 2K17, with or without any changes in how players take shots. You need to hit the boards, set screens, defend in the low post, and know when to take effective shots from the post. I’ve found that when playing either of these positions, I’d often get punished for being over-demanding of the ball in the post, which can hurt your match teammate rating.

Lee is putting his classic  storytelling skills to work for NBA 2K17. In the USA Today profile he breaks down the rough setup for MyCareer’s story. “We follow a kid through the trials and tribulations of being a top high school player and the decisions he has to make,” Lee told the media outlet. Lee and 2K Games aren’t ready to begin describing the nature of those decisions yet, hoping to save some suspense for the NBA 2K17 release. Feature-length films that Lee have written usually focus on the trials of everyday Americans, looking for their break and a way to stand up on their own two feet.

The second method to farm VC in NBA 2K17 involves the My Park online mode. However, this glitch will ruin your online record and reputation. It also kind of ruins the game for others as it requires that you quit out of the game almost as soon as it starts.  Basically, to do this glitch you just need to go to the My Park mode. Head to a 3-man Got Next Spot and then start the game. All you need to do earn VC from here is just quit out of the game as soon as it starts. nba 2k17 mt coins This does hurt your rep, so it might be wise to make a second character to do this glitch with.

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