The highest priority targets are the enemy offense in Overwatch game

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Note that even though you will need to select “Americas” to play during this Beta Test Weekend, once logged in you will be automatically routed to servers appropriate for your region and ping. Blizzard are entering into the multiplayer shooter genre with a bang, on both PC and console. Overwatch has captured a lot of people’s attention since it was announced, and while you can see bits and pieces of other games and other genres in the mix, Blizzard have achieved a fantastic blend. When playing Pharah it’s extremely important to prioritize dangerous targets.

If you’re not killing the right people on the opposing team, making progress towards objectives can be extremely difficult. The highest priority targets are the enemy offense and support style heroes.  There are some supports you should really keep an eye on as Pharah, such as Mercy and Zenyatta.  If the enemy team loses their healer(s), they will have to fall back or lose the objective much faster. Bastion and Torbjorn are also very big priorities for you since your rockets do significant damage to them as well as splash damage to anything near them.

Select PC players have already been able to indulge in the closed betas, but with release looming on May 24th, the flood gates are opening. You can pre-order to play the open beta on May 3rd, but it’s available for everyone between May 5th and 9th. It’s definitely worth trying out to see if it’s your kind of game. Blizzard’s shooter isn’t even out, yet some folks already found ways to play the game absolutely unintended ways. Instead of chasing buy overwatch gold each other on the map, these players have set up a silly orb deflecting mini-game.

It’s a reminder of Team Fortress 2 days and Pyro Airblasts. Symmetra is firing her orb to the ninja characters. The first one bounces it off with one of his abilities and you can see them follow a chain until the whole thing loops back. The more orbs are in the field the harder the whole thing gets. Having dabbled with the closed betas on PC, sitting down to play the PlayStation 4 version felt practically identical. It might not match the absolute graphical peaks of a top-end PC, but the art style works brilliantly well on console. It’s bright and colourful, and Blizzard have got it running at what, to my eyes, was a flawless 60 frames per second.

There was some controversy surrounding the Overwatch character Tracer, or rather, her sexualized original victory pose before Blizzard released an alternate, more fun and pin-uppy version. Regardless of your opinion of the poses, there’s no question that this cosplayer is killing it with her kick-ass Tracer cosplay. She is Korean cosplay star, Tasha, her work is generally impressive, and she’s considered one of the world’s best cosplayers. One peek at the images of her Tracer cosplay in this gallery will show you why! It’s perfect.

The graphics and audio are still excellent on console (hardly a surprise). Overwatch looks incredible with beautifully animated heroes and wonderfully rendered maps. It’s great to see Blizzard has gone all out on the visuals and sound as they lend so much to the experience. overwatch gold Each Hero (I think I played all of them at some point) feels great with fluid animations and gameplay. One of the core elements is that each Hero and their abilities have unique sounds that tell the players what’s going on around them. An experienced player should be able to tell exactly what’s happening based on what they can hear.

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