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EA’s decision to overhaul the passing and first-touch mechanics in FIFA 17 is proving contentious in fifa 17 points certain quarters, with passing purists, long-ball merchants and sweaty pace abusers alike bemoaning the current state of play. Football is a beautiful game, if played by those who can handle the ball. Don’t misunderstand, it’s also a game that needs people à la Felipe Melo, who’re mainly good in kicking asses all around the pitch, but being as slow as reality means FIFA 17 needs good players to be protagonists.

You should have a “maestro” just like Andrea Pirlo has been for years in the Italian national team or in AC Milan and Juventus, and you should have him covered with one faster player and one more physical, so you can properly build up a good offensive maneuver and defend as the God of football teaches us all. Truth is, ball distribution in FIFA 17 isn’t the trainwreck that some people would have you believe. There are, granted, occasional passes that feel entirely arbitrary and at odds with what you asked for, not to mention glitches, idiosyncrasies and game balance issues that we’d like to see addressed.

Take the time to really come to terms with the general pace and focus of this new edition, though, and you’ll find that every FIFA player archetype has the tools to play their favoured style of game – and enjoy it. When in doubt, attack from the back. Having the defense back is what it’s all about. If a team is utilizing a counter-attack, manually select defenders who are late getting back, and hustle back to support. Allowing the new and improved defender AI to deal with fast-moving attacks will let you attack defensively from behind the play. cheap fifa 17 coins This additional support will pester offensive players, as defenders will harass from multiple angles.

Heads up football fans! Or soccer, as we like to call it in the U.S., just to be different. Whatever you call it, EA would like you to kindly put together the best possible squad you can in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. This is when you are controlling the closest player to the ball carrier, jockying him and waiting for him to make his move. This tactic is best used against someone who is a decent dribler (not talking about skill moves), and its best used either down on the wing or directly infront of your own box. Using just the teammate contain in these areas of the pitch is dangerous.

On the wing its dangerous because a decent dribler will easily get past the AI if you are just using the contain button, and infront of the box its very easy to shake the defender off long enough to get a good shot off. Here is a checklist of what to do, and what not to do when using this method. Yes, it’s true that you’ve been asked to do this same thing before. For all I know, you actually pulled it off. Congrats. It’s time to start all over again, but that’s alright, because you are up for the challenge, right?

I’m confident that you are, but it never hurts to have a little edge. That’s why we’ve put together our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Tips, Cheats and Strategies so you’ll never walk alone. One of the best new defensive features is the ability to get out of a slide tackle. Slide tackles have always been dangerous plays, as one slip can lead to either a penalty or pulling the defender out of position. Now if you activate a poorly executed slide tackle, press the slide tackle button again and the defender will stick a foot in the ground, then pop back up to stay in the play. When utilized correctly, this can be used to avoid big mistakes and precious lost time on the field.

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